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    1. I do not know a lawyer in your region but you can use also a filesharing lawyer anywhere in germany, at least in the pre-court stage. Use google.

    2. I assume the 3 letters are about 1 case ? If yes only one cease and desist is needed.

    3. the deadlines should be kept, so do not loose time with sending the cease and desist, this keeps you save until maybe in the future a court trial takes place.

    thanks for you r reply.

    no 1 letter for 1 movie from WF. 1 letter for 2 movies from WF. and 1 letter from IPPC for 1 movie. So I have to send 3 of cease and desist?

    You have to make a cease and desist declaration. You can download here desist letter

    if you want you can add it as follows

    [attach = '98 ',' none ',' true '] [/ attach]

    Thank you, is there a lawyer in my region? also for example i have received 3 warnings from wf so far. Can I send 1 cease and desist declaration to WF? or do I have to send 3? because i'm very new in germany (less than 2 months) i don't know any rules and how it works.

    Deadlines are also important, mentioned in the first letter? or do I have to wait for an official letter? I answer with ceasing?

    If you let us know in which area you live, we might be able to point you to a lawyer experienced in filasharing cases.

    The first step is always to sign a "Penal declaration of cease and desist" in German "cease and desist"

    After that you just wait and see if they want to bring it to court or not.

    Danke für deine Antwort. Ich wohne in mecklenburg vorpommern. Ich habe mit einem Laien (Knies) gesprochen und er hat gesagt, dass die Fristen für die Unterlassungserklärung nicht wichtig sind, aber ich möchte einen schicken, um sie zu bitten, mich in Ruhe zu lassen, wenn Sie einen Anwalt in meiner Region kennen und mich wissen lassen, dass ich Sie schätzen werde ..

    There are no specific deadlines. But:

    • Your IP address can only be found if you use file sharing.
    • The tracking company and the law firm only have 7 days to save the log data from the Internet provider and to request information.
    • From the point in time at which the author (the media company and their lawyer) know of the violation, the period begins with a 3-year limitation period.

    Some courts do not like it when there is hesitation with the warning. The warning should be there to avert damage - not to cause friction (to earn a lot of money). Therefore, in my opinion, the warning should come within 4-6 weeks after the "act".

    Thank you for the clear answer. I just moved into the house, installed the internet (even when I didn't live in the apartment and didn't register this address), after coming into the house a week later, I started warning letters (so far I have 4 warning letters from getting WF and IPPC for different films add up to nearly 4,000 euros. I have no idea what is going on in the house while I was not living there (and I have witnesses like people installing the kitchen and a friend I am with lived with him at the time). But I checked the router's log and found a strange MAC address. My wifi was secure with password, but maybe it is hacked. Now I'm scared for more warning letters and I don't really want to . I spoke to a lawyer (knee, but i don't know how good it is) but i'm confused anyway. Do you have any suggestions?

    Ich schätze deine Zeit.

    Warnings for a case (upload / sharing) should come within a few weeks after the time of the offense. Otherwise, no zeal for persecution can be assumed.

    Hello to dear forum users,

    and thank you for your help.

    I have a question about this. Do you know exactly how long they have to send the first letter?

    Sorry for my bad German.

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